Electromechanical Technician / Electromechanical engineer (Assembly & Manufacturing) (32-40 hours)

About pinkRF

Are you fascinated by the power of RF technology? The technology that buzzes in your microwave? At pinkRF, in Nijmegen, we know everything about this technology and we apply it in a much more impactful way than in a microwave oven!

With our technology, we are able to heat down to the molecular level, in a very controlled and very precise manner. This is a technical game changer in the industry and invaluable for the energy transition, healthcare and climate.

That is why more and more large international customers are turning to us. We are growing and so we are looking for new technical specialists who are ready for our challenge.

Position overview

Electromechanical Technician at pinkRF, what does that mean?

As an Electromechanical Technician, you excel in assembling and testing mechanical components and systems in your own workshop. Your role involves interpreting engineering drawings, utilizing hand and power tools, and conducting quality inspections. With precision and attention to detail, you contribute to efficient manufacturing processes, ensuring products/prototypes meet quality standards. Does this trigger you?

An electromechanical assembly and manufacturing technician plays a crucial role in the production and assembly of our complex electromechanical systems. Here are the key knowledge areas and responsibilities that we would expect from you:


  • Mechanical Assembly: Assemble mechanical components according to engineering specifications.
  • Electrical Wiring: Perform wiring and electrical connections based on schematics and diagrams.
  • Testing Procedures: Conduct tests on assembled systems to ensure they meet performance and quality standards.
  • Customer service: Installing RF systems at our clients and performing tests to ensure that the customer systems work correctly.

Knowledge and skills

  • An MBO-level education
  • 1-3 years of work experience (or extensive internship experience at MBO level).
  • Basic understanding of the English language. We have an international team that will bring you a lot of fun and will broaden your cultural knowledge.
  • Adherence to Standards: Ensure that assembly processes comply with industry standards, regulations, and safety guidelines.
  • Safety Protocols: have knowledge of safety procedures and protocols related to working with electrical components and machinery.
  • Continuous Improvement: be able to identify opportunities for process improvement and contribute to the refinement of assembly procedures.
  • Problem-Solving: be able to troubleshoot and resolve issues that arise during the assembly and testing process.
  • Adaptability: Be adaptable to changes in production schedules, assembly methods, and technology.
  • Computer Skills: Basic computer skills for data entry, using manufacturing software, and potentially interfacing with computer-controlled equipment.
  • Communication Skills: Effective communication with team members, engineers, and other stakeholders is essential for conveying information and reporting issues.
  • CAD knowledge: Basic use of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) tools for product modeling, preferably SolidWorks.
  • Materials and Components: Knowledge of different materials and components used in electromechanical systems, including their properties and applications.
  • Assembly Techniques: Proficiency in assembling electromechanical components, following precise instructions and specifications.
  • Electromechanical Systems: have understanding of the integration and functioning of both electrical and mechanical components in a system.
  • Blueprints and Schematics: be able to read and interpret electrical and mechanical schematics, blueprints, and engineering drawings.
  • Hand Tools and Equipment: be familiar with a variety of hand tools, power tools, and testing equipment used in electromechanical assembly.


What can you expect from us?

We offer you the opportunity to join our mission and become part of our international team. We work every day on groundbreaking projects with a global impact. In a variety of fields like healthcare, aerospace and renewable energy. We have the following employment conditions available:

  • A starting salary between €2,500 and €3,000 gross per month, based on 40 hours;
  • Start with an annual contract, with the possibility of a permanent appointment;
  • Attention to your professional development;
  • Flexible working environment with a high level of independence
  • Working with the best technical specialists in our field!

How to apply

Do you feel the heat? Are you ready to be part of our great team? Ready to take the application of RF technology to the highest level and make impact?

Send your CV and short motivation to richard.dobbelmann@pinkrf.com.

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