IMPI forms a Solid State RF Energy Section

International Microwave Power Institute the leading global scientific organization dedicated to non-communication microwave and RF energy applications, is pleased to announce the formation of a Solid State RF Energy Section. This section will be comprised of IMPI members dedicated to realizing solid-state RF energy’s true potential as a clean, highly efficient and controllable heat and power source. Klaus Werner, former Executive Director of the RF Energy Alliance and current Director of pinkRF, petitioned the IMPI Board of Governors in late April to form the new section. The vote passed the IMPI Board with overwhelming support. “We’re very happy and thankful that the IMPI organization has welcomed us with open arms,” Werner said. “Although the RFEA had to close down, the vision and mission of the former organization are still completely valid and relevant to the state of the solid state RF energy industry. Within IMPI, we envision a wider audience and active collaborators within the section.”

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