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915 MHz, 1000 Watt


Power Amplifier Module 915 MHz, 1000 Watt

The PinkRF amplifier module prf10000915PNxT is an economical, robust and easy to use dual stage RF-Energy booster with 1000 W output power and 40dB of gain in the 902 – 928 MHz ISM band. With such high gain the input level remains low and can be directly retrieved from a generator module.

The output power is available on an industry standard 7/16″ connector. The 50 Vdc power supply is to be connected via a robust combo Sub-D connector. All analog and digital interface signals, the RF input signal and a 5-6V adjustable voltage supply (1A) are combined in one Sub-D connector, located at the other end of the module, thus reducing the number of connectors to the bare minimum.

The usage of the latest generation LDMOS solid state devices guarantees high efficiency, long lifetime, fully controllable and stable output power over temperature and compact module outline.

Although there is no circulator included, the output of the amplifier can withstand 3 : 1 VSWR conditions (provided the module is water cooled).

The amplifier module will automatically shut down at excessive temperature.

Based on the analog sensing signals (Pforward , Preflected) or the digital I2C sensing signals (Pforward , Preflected , Tfinal and Tambient), external control logic (like our integrated RF generators) can optimize the RF vector (frequency, power, phase, time) depending on the application needs in real time.

The I2C accessible 64kB non-volatile memory (NVM) provides manufacturing data and can be made available to also store application specific data. The I2C sub address is adjustable by dip switch setting to make parallel operation of multiple amplifier modules on the same I2C bus possible.

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Additional information

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General Purpose Single Channel Power Amplifier, Cooking, Drying, Heating, Hyperthermia Systems, Microwave Ovens, Multi Channel Systems demanding coherent RF Control, Plasma Generators, Plasma Lamps, RF Ablation, Time critical Systems

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