SG3 – 2.45 GHz

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SG3 – 2.45 GHz


RF small signal generator SG3 – 2.45 GHz

Small signal RF generator board covering 2.4 to 2.5GHz frequency range; output power level up to 27dBm; easy to integrate with any single- and mulitichannel end products.

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Additional information

Additional information

Product ID



RF Power Out

Power Control Resolution

Phase Control

RF + Hardware Control

Embedded Control Speed


Supports Coherent Drive

Typical applications

microwave ovens, cooking, drying, heating, hyperthermia systems, RF ablation, any time critical systems, any multi channel systems demanding coherent RF control, e.g. to drive and combine channels into very high power systems

Standard software (runs on user's PC)

recipe editor, S11 sweep function, embedded protection configuration (max. amount reflected power + temperature)

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