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The all-in-one versatility and ease-of-use of the XXXX tool-kit streamlines development cycles and costs equipping engineers to overcome the limitations of legacy magnetron power sources. With the tool-kit, designers can fine-tune the RF energy output for any application requirements easily with push button ease and an intuitive display interface. The took-it includes a proprietary controller, a power amplifier line-up and a power detector. It is optimized for the 2400 – 2500 MHz frequency and is capable of providing up to 300 Watts of output power.

Future Tool-kits will support the 915 MHz frequency band.

All-in-one versatility and ease-of-use
Vector mode providing high accuracy and high-resolution control for all RF attributes of the generated signal (frequency, level, phase and PWM modulation)
Proprietary technology for very fast S11 sweep creating a self-optimizing RF Energy delivery
Application dependent hot switch between analog and digital control modes
Basic Lab-view based control software provided (PC based) including recipe editor
Intuitive front panel display and touch screen user-interface

We provide the following services to RF Energy customers

Turn-key RF Energy Systems

Whether a demo system or a real product pinkRF‘s turn-key systems and services helps you to make better products faster and with less risk.

Applicator Design

In any RF energy system one of the challenges is how to get the energy from the solid state power amplifier into the application in an efficient and useful way . At pinkRF we have developed tools that speed up this design process for these applicators.


pinkRF offers standard or customer specific training modules for all the products we have in our portfolio.


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