RF characterization engineer

The job 

pinkRF develops, designs and manufactures RF generator and -application prototypes and products. RF frequencies vary from 27MHz up to 2.5GHz. Applications range from small-scale, delicate medical treatments to large scale industrial systems for food processing or material drying.

These systems are all based on a combination of an RF/microwave amplifier together with a small signal generator-controller board. The candidate will be responsible for the measurement and calibration of the amplifiers and controller boards for production units. The measurement will be executed with the use of professional RF/microwave instrumentation. The measurement data will be used to calibrate the units and match the controller/amplifier pairs to perform well in a system, which can hold a number of complete generator units. The candidate is responsible for the correct execution of calibration process and the quality of the outgoing units.

Our company

pinkRF B.V. is a young innovative company focused on system design and application development within emerging RF Energy markets. Plasma applications, plasma lighting, automotive ignition, industrial heating, cooking and defrosting and medical therapies like RF ablation and hyperthermia are being supported. With a network of academic partners and hardware suppliers, pinkRF offers consultancy, system design and application development as well as the subsequent realization and manufacturing of products into these new markets.


We offer an independent and challenging (full-time) position in which you will get every opportunity to develop your technical skills. The salary is based on your knowledge and experience and is marketconform. We are a progressive organisation, be part of the next generation of RF Energy engineers.

Ideal candidates

The candidate should have experience working with RF/microwave systems and components and the associated characterization/calibration work. The function also entails the maintenance and improvement of the automation around the measurement setups. Experience with Labview is a must. A typical candidate would hold at least a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering.

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