RF Energy Advanced Training

RF Energy Advanced Training

As the RF Energy market continues to emerge, pinkRF offers specialized technical support and expertise through the whole design process from product concept to final product release. The course is intended for RF electronic engineers and experienced managers. The RF Energy Advanced training covers an advanced understanding of RF Energy. The course provides deep understanding of all components and strategy for designing your own RF Energy system per customer request. In the course we will discuss the following issues:

Solid state RF Energy Systems
– Amplifiers
– # of stages, gain, efficiency, power, bandwidth
– Topologies and classes
– Transistor, circulator, couplers, matching and matching networks
– Signal sources (Oscillator, synthesizer, modulator, VGA)
– Technologies (LDMOS, GaN, Vdmos)                                                                        – Architecture                
– Single vs. multi-channel feed
– Coherent vs. incoherent excitation
– Power combining
RF interaction with matter
– Micro- and macroscopic models describing the interaction
– Reflection, diffraction, total reflection
– Penetration- and absorption depth
Electromagnetic and thermal simulations of heating process
Dielectric heating vs frequency
– Load dependence (shape, weight, permittivity position)
– Modes, types, homogeneity, electromagnetic energy distribution, number of sources

  • Cooking in multi-mode applicators, energy balances
  • Strategies to achieve homogeneous cooking / heating
  • Low-frequency applicators vs. high-frequency designs

Design flow
– Product, process, applicator, RF frequency choice, EM simulations 

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