About Us

pinkRF  designs, develops and manufactures RF Energy Systems for Industrial, Medical, Pharmaceutical and Scientific applications.

What are the benefits of SMART RF Energy ?

This is a very important question and it depends on the specific application.

The Team

pinkRF  is a young company of enthusiastic, experienced and widely skilled engineers who develop and manufacture RF energy systems.

Customer Focus

Our team is customer driven, our product and application solutions are designed with your end application in mind.

How we work

We can work as part of your development team or as a stand alone development team.

The Story Behind

Major breakthroughs in technology performance and power amplifier cost structure have positioned RF energy generated by solid state devices  as a potentially disruptive technology in multiple, high-volume markets. Several existing applications have already benefited, by adopting the new technology to replace magnetrons, for example plasma lighting and many industrial applications.

A wealth of new applications are being enabled by this new technology, for example automotive plasma ignition, novel car lighting, hyperthermia treatment and other medical applications. The market adoption of this breakthrough technology is hampered by limited knowledge at the incumbent RF energy users.

pinkRF bridges the knowledge gap between end system functionality and the solid-state RF energy generation and control.

pinkRF has the insight to support these application developments through a network of strategic partners, access to key technologies, application know how, manufacturing know how , industrialization capability and cost roadmaps, which all play a part in enabling the quick adaptation of the solid state RF energy source in the various market segments.

The story behind the name pinkRF

In the earlier breakthrough days of solid state RF Energy the two founders were supporting the development of a new RF Energy  system to potentially treat cancer.  Seeing a patient with breast cancer being treated from very close by  during the project had an emotional and lasting impact on them. At that moment they decided they were going to dedicate their efforts to make sure solid state RF Energy became a reality especially for  this medical application.

When they eventually started pinkRF they used  the word pink (a link to the Pink Ribbon breast cancer association) in the  company name to remind them of that moment.  Even today the team at pinkRF are supporting the development of a solid state RF Energy system that can treat cancer.


Brief History of pinkRF

June 2020

pinkRF and America’s Odyssey link to bring RF repair to Nijmegen

October 2019

pinkrf develops a temperature pill for myTemp to measure food processes and body temperature

July 2019

pinkRF develops 433 MHz hyperthermia system for Erasmus MC

May 2019

pinkRF joins to form the new Solid State RF Energy section within IMPI


27 MHz system is launched to the market


First products and services are launched to the market

March - December 2016

pinkRF develops first products

February, 2016

pinkRF moves into Building A at the Novio Tech Campus Nijmegen


pinkRF formed to develop enabling products and applications for RF-Energy

2011 - 2014

Many more applications emerge e.g. Medical, Lighting, Automotive, Industrial heating, Plasma and more…


Large white goods companies emerge and embrace the concept of smart cooking with RF-Energy


Klaus Werner and his colleagues work closely with lead customers


Breakthroughs in solid state power transistor technology