What are the benefits of RF Energy ?

Probably one of the most important questions we are asked is; what are the benefits of RF Energy for my application? RF Energy technology is being used in many applications spanning a variety of industries. In the end the answer really depends on the specifics of the application. The beauty of RF Energy is that it enables the system to deliver energy in a very controlled manner from low micro joules right the way up to mega joules. This essentially allows the RF Energy systems to easily support a diverse range of applications from delicate medical applications to energy intensive Industrial heating applications. The resulting benefits are wide ranging and depending on the application can support anything from:

  • Product yield improvements
  • Product quality improvements
  • Enabling new process control techniques or novel applications
  • Lower cost of ownership – less downtime, more reliable
  • Future proof due to digital control
  • Long equipment lifetime compared to magnetron based systems
  • Better relative process efficiency

In practice, RF Energy technology is enabling advancements in plasma lamps, effectively extending the lamp’s energy efficiency and overall lifespan. This will have a significant impact in industrial scale horticulture, where RF Energy plasma lamps can create the most sun-like light spectrum – making it ideal for growing plants indoors. Furthermore,RF Energy technology is being applied to automotive ignition systems as a replacement for spark plugs, with studies showing impressive fuel savings and reduced emissions.

RF Energy unprecedented control and precision of RF energy will also significantly advance a number of existing medical treatments and applications. For example, plasma scalpels can vastly improve patient recovery times after surgical procedures, which can be attributed to the precision cutting advantages not possible with metal scalpels.

We provide the following services to RF Energy customers

Turn-key RF Energy Systems

Whether a demo system or a real product  pinkRF‘s turn-key systems and services helps you to  make better products faster and with less risk.

RF Energy System Design Service

pinkRF‘s RF Energy System Design Services are services offered to customers who require engineering advice when designing a new system or scaling existing systems. During the consultancy services our engineers help the customer to improve the system performance and give advice on individually tailored configurations. We further help the customer to identify system bottlenecks and weaknesses.

Application Integration

For a lot of our customers RF Energy applications offer a disruptive breakthrough to new and better process controls. High power RF can be a difficult area to master especially when used in a changing environment like many RF Energy applications. At pinkRF we are here to help you understand the interaction of RF with your end application.

Applicator Design

In any RF energy system one of the challenges is how to get the energy from the solid state power amplifier into the application in an efficient and useful way . At pinkRF we have developed tools that speed up this design process for these applicators.

System Simulation

Our system modelling expertise typically provides physics-based models for early validation and verification of products helping to save costs and reduce late errors.

Project Management

When needed we can provide skilled project management support. Either supporting you remotely or directly within your project team.

Supply Chain and Manufacturing Optimization

Using our broad network of partners we can help you optimize your supply chain and manufacturing process.


pinkRF offers standard or customer specific training modules for all the products we have in our portfolio.