Our Services

We provide the following services to RF Energy customers

We like to remove the barriers to entry in the emerging RF Energy markets by providing key knowledge, access to IP, design support, customer specific system solutions, standard products and industrialization know-how to enable our customers to successfully realize their end application.

We like to work closely as part of your development team, or as a stand alone R&D function.

Having excess to our design expertise and application know-how will reduce your overall development costs and speed up your time to market by avoiding common mistakes we’ve already seen in this exciting new innovation area.

Turn-key RF Energy Systems

Whether a demo system or a real product pinkRF‘s turn-key systems and services helps you to make better products faster and with less risk.

RF Energy System Design Service

pinkRF‘s RF Energy System Design Services are services offered to customers who require engineering advice when designing a new system or scaling existing systems. During the consultancy services our engineers help the customer to improve the system performance and give advice on individually tailored configurations. We further help the customer to identify system bottlenecks and weaknesses.

Application Integration

For a lot of our customers RF Energy applications offer a disruptive breakthrough to new and better process controls. High power RF can be a difficult area to master especially when used in a changing environment like many RF Energy applications. At pinkRF we are here to help you understand the interaction of RF with your end application.

Applicator Design

In any RF energy system one of the challenges is how to get the energy from the solid state power amplifier into the application in an efficient and useful way . At pinkRF we have developed tools that speed up this design process for these applicators.

System Simulation

Our system modelling expertise typically provides physics-based models for early validation and verification of products helping to save costs and reduce late errors.

Project Management

When needed we can provide skilled project management support. Either supporting you remotely or directly within your project team.

Supply Chain and Manufacturing Optimization

Using our broad network of partners we can help you optimize your supply chain and manufacturing process.


pinkRF offers standard or customer specific training modules for all the products we have in our portfolio.

Your challenge, our motivation

pinkRF offers specialized technical support and expertise through the whole design process from concept to final product.