RF Energy Applications

Major breakthroughs in radio frequency power amplifier technology performance and cost structure have positioned RF energy generated by these solid state devices as a disruptive force in multiple high volume markets.

Several existing applications have already benefited by adopting the new technology to replace magnetrons e.g. plasma grow lighting and industrial heating and cooking.

A wealth of new applications are being enabled for example automotive plasma ignition, focused hyperthermia medical treatment, novel car lighting

With many more new applications expected to emerge.

Plasma Applications


Industrial Heating

pinkRF Industrial Heating

Plasma Lighting

pinkRF Plasma Lighting

Automotive Ignition

RF Automotive Ignition

Consumer Cooking

pinkRF Consumer Cooking

Commercial Cooking

pinkRF Commercial Cooking


pinkRF Defrosting




pinkRF Ablation

New RF Applications

pinkRF New RF Applications