Plasma Jets

Together with our partner we have developed atmospheric plasma sources at 2.45GHz in the power range between 10W and 300W. The product portfolio supports a large spectrum of jets to generate plasmas for different applications. One major advantage at microwave frequencies (in contrary to other technologies) is that only the electrons are accelerated as the ions are too inert to follow the alternating electrical signals that move from 0V to the maximal voltage within a tenth of a nanosecond. This results in a “soft plasma”, which is much cooler than other plasmas due to the low ion acceleration. Using these jets in combination with the novel and worldwide patent protected control electronics, scientists and practical users can benefit from these advantages in a number applications.

Using Air the plasma jets can support the following applications: surface activation, cleaning, rapid heating, fluid
Using Argon/Varigon the plasma jets can support the following applications: low temperature surface activation, coating, welding

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Further applications using higher power levels (>100 W):

Amalgamation or fusing of surfaces and boring holes or vias
Soft soldering and hard soldering of metals
Labelling of various materials
Firing in of paint or varnish
Burn-in of paints
Cutting, welding and coating of various materials
Treatment of yarns, wires, glass and carbon fibres
Rapid heating: replacement for laser

More Industrial and medical applications using plasmas continue to emerge. The following are examples of low power (<100W) applications:

Cleaning of different metallic surfaces for soldering, varnishing, coating, gluing, bonding etc.
Activating plastic surfaces for welding, melting, painting, varnishing, printing, coating, gluing etc.
Disinfection and sterilization of instruments in medical fields, sterilization of wounds
Aging treatment of components

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