In addition to our Systems Simulation service where one of the outputs is the key electric energy field patrons we additionally offer electric field sensors that can be used to get quick and visual feedback of  the energy distribution in any closed cavity application.

Sensors are available in different sizes.

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We provide the following services to RF Energy customers

RF Energy System Design Service

pinkRF‘s RF Energy System Design Services are services offered to customers who require engineering advice when designing a new system or scaling existing systems. During the consultancy services our engineers help the customer to improve the system performance and give advice on individually tailored configurations. We further help the customer to identify system bottlenecks and weaknesses.

Applicator Design

In any RF energy system one of the challenges is how to get the energy from the solid state power amplifier into the application in an efficient and useful way . At pinkRF we have developed tools that speed up this design process for these applicators.

System Simulation

Our system modelling expertise typically provides physics-based models for early validation and verification of products helping to save costs and reduce late errors.


pinkRF offers standard or customer specific training modules for all the products we have in our portfolio.