RF Generator

New high-efficiency  Solid State RF power generators  that offer a broad range of control for your energy delivery. These Solid State systems  also improve the reliability and durability of the RF energy source.

Supporting 300W, 500W, 1000W and 4kW  our Solid State Microwave Generators are compact, light-weight and highly reliable providing continuous wave power for the ISM frequencies at 27MHz,  915MHz and 2.45GHz.

These microwave generators feature a CW output and the power is easily adjustable in 1-W-steps and capable of pulse mode power control.  They integrate real-time device monitoring and fully automated operation with a user-friendly control panel that enables users to perform easy process set-up and control.

It is possible to combine the generators to higher power levels e.g. 8KW, 16KW, 32kW etc

These are the leading-edge tools supporting industrial and scientific applications.

Compact light-weight design: 19″rack mounted
Output power 500W, 1000 W, 4KW CW, adjustable in 1-W-steps
Microwave output power pulsable, pulse frequency up to 10 kHz
Adjustable output frequency, automatic sweep function and phase sweep function
Manual and Automatic operation allows for easy setup and control
Real-time measurement of reflected power and frequency
Flexible coaxial cable with low damping to enhance the high-power efficiency
AC input 100-240 VAC; 50/60 Hz
Water cooling system with 2x Coupling plugs (NW7,2; 9mm; KSS9 NW7 BA)
User-friendly control panel with Touch Screen
Built-in internal protection safety features to maximize generator’s lifetime
Optional USB; Ethernet or Profinet

We provide the following RF Generators

Datasheet pRF-02502450CXC02
Datasheet pRF-10000915CXC01