A collaboration with Odyssey Technical Solutions, the fight against cancer and a temperature pill

pinkRF is working hard, among other things in the fight against cancer. Earlier it announced a collaboration with the Erasmus Medical Centre, now there are other interesting developments as well. Owner Klaus Werner seceded in good consultation from NXP in 2015 and set up pinkRF. “When I worked at NXP I noticed at a certain moment that more and more people wanted to use the transistors not only for data communication, but also because of the energy in them”. This is RF energy, or radio waves, as a microwave ovens, among other things, uses them. Klaus Werner, Director of pinkRF, has been interviewed by The Economic Board.

The fight against cancer

With a process called hyperthermia, RF energy can destroy cancer cells. This fight against cancer is an important goal for pinkRF. “We want to do something good with this technology,” says Werner. It’s for a reason that the word ‘pink’ in the name ‘pinkRF’ refers to Pink Ribbon, the charity for breast cancer patients. Therefore the company is very proud of the collaboration with the Erasmus Medical Centre that was presented last month.

MyTemp pill

However, this is not the only thing pinkRF is actively involved in, Werner indicates. “We help parties in the market to learn the tricks of the trade so that they can get RF energy into an application in the best possible way,” he says. For example, it has recently been involved in the myTemp pill, a pill that measures body temperature. Behind it is a Nijmegen company that won the Sports Innovator Award in 2016. Werner: “We came into contact with them and immediately had ideas on how we could make some parts easier with modern technology and make the pill more compatible with wearables”.This has now led to the creation of a consortium of three companies in Nijmegen: myTemp, pinkRF and Sencio. There is a lot of interest from the sports world, both from top athletes and from running events that want to detect overheating among runners. They also look at food processes. “You then put the pill with the food and can read it out afterwards to see if the temperature in the whole process has been good.”


Werner is also very happy with the very recent cooperation with the American company Odyssey Technical Solutions. “The ink from that contract has yet to dry, but we have made love to each other.” Odyssey has long been a big name when it comes to RF technology. “They have been repairing equipment used in semiconductor production for twenty years. They have been looking for a first cooperation partner in Europe for a long time and eventually discovered us and chose us. The European branch of Odyssey will soon be joining us at the Novio Tech Campus. It offers a lot of synergy opportunities. We will soon have access to a large network of experts that can repair systems, including our own. Really a perfect step for our company, which can remain lean and mean that way”.