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Klaus Werner cooks up a new solid-state RF training

RF energy systems have undergone a huge transformation since the early days of the tube-based magnetrons. However according to High Tech Institute trainer Klaus Werner, while the crude power of the tube is tough to match, the new generation of solid-state RF integrated circuits offers unprecedented control, efficiency and reproducibility. Continue reading

How the COVID-19 crisis affects pinkRF

In the previous interview, at the end of last year, the future looked bright for pinkRF. There were new collaborations, growth did not seem to slow down. The corona crisis is now causing uncertainty, owner Klaus Werner says. Read more

Intellectual property

Klaus Werner and John Schalken have been interviewed by IN2 Maas & Waal: “Registration of intellectual property is not always necessary for small businesses. It is important to consider where you want to do business with a product or idea” Continue reading

Treating cancer through radiowaves

Radio Frequency affects everybody. Signals on radio frequency connect your phone to a wireless speaker or heat your pizza in the microwave. Yet pinkRF has greater ambitions. Read more

IMPI forms a Solid State RF Energy Section

International Microwave Power Institute the leading global scientific organization dedicated to non-communication microwave and RF energy applications, is pleased to announce the formation of a Solid State RF Energy Section. Read more

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